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JA Films Limited Commercial 1 Final

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Real Friends Season 1 Promo

Real Friends Season 1 – 2m 8s

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  • JA Films Limited Commercial 1 Final

    JA Films aims to capture the complex and often contradicting, eclectic Jamaican lifestyle to tell multi layered, authentic Jamaican stories through bold, creative cinematic productions; appealing to local and international audiences. Our vision is to be the number one producer of Jamaican film an...

  • Real Friends Season 1 Episode 1

    First day of school is always fun, catching up with old friends, seeing your crush, dealing with class and football season. Just another day in the life of a high schooler? Or is it?

  • Real Friends Season 1 Episode 2

    Not all that glitter is gold, not all roses smell...Well you know the sayings. Alexa has a lot to handle, her home life isn't great. But does she bring some of this on herself? Should she give Marlon a chance? Should he give her a chance?